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Fusion Trends for Wedding Wear to Look Out for this Year

May 24, 2021

Weddings are full of deep emotions, which is why deep colours are used in them. Especially in traditional Indian marriages, not only on the wedding day but also before other rituals and events such as the Haldi ceremony, mehndi and reception are no less important. In this celebration of the union of two people, the families on both sides join in full vigour and enjoy it. This day is most important for every bride and groom. This is the reason why both of them want to look beautiful for this biggest day of life. In today’s time, fusion trends are on the top notch to wear in the wedding season so today, we are going to know about the latest fusion trends for wedding wear. 

Today's Fusion trend

A wedding is a traditional celebration of various colors in which the traditional attire is usually worn, but nowadays it is also being blended with the modern dress. Bright colors are mostly used in most Indian weddings. In the modern era, couples have started trending towards new fashion. When it comes to clothes, for every ritual they have a clear idea of ​​what they want and how they want to look on this day. When the bride and groom decide what they will wear on the day of their wedding, in most cases it depends on the tradition as well as the local expectations. In most cases, the wedding dress is a fusion of tradition and modernity, but also colorful. However, nowadays the fashion of traditional colored costumes is returning again. Both the bride and groom want to wear beautiful costumes and bright jewellery.

Wear Fusion outfits in wedding functions

Nowadays ceremonies and rituals like Haldi and Mehndi that take place before marriage are also enjoyed a lot. In these rituals, the two families come together and have a lot of fun. These rituals usually have a trend of using yellow, green, blue, purple, bright multicoloured clothes and things. These colours reflect the enthusiastic mood of the bride and groom. The trend of dhoti or pants with heavily embroidered dupattas or Banarasi dupattas, Patiala pants or small Kurtis with sharara is going on a lot nowadays. Apart from this, the trend of sharara pants is also going on a lot this wedding season. For the groom's Haldi, there is also a trend of kurta pyjamas with mostly bright coloured jackets. Some people also wear shirts and jackets or dhoti and shirts which give a different look.

Groom and bride's friends’ costumes

Nowadays, there is a trend of the themed dress not only for the bride and groom but also for the bride and groom's friends. For example, if the bride and groom have worn a particular themed dress, their friends will also have to wear a dress related to it. This trend may be based on the color or design of the bride and groom's dress or may also be based on their makeup. Similarly, friends of the bride and groom can also plan a dress similar to their dress.

Bridal wear on the wedding day

This is what every bride wants on her wedding day to look so beautiful, miraculous and attractive that no one should look away from her. That is why she wants to choose something that makes her look attractive as well as completely different from others so that her wedding dresses are appreciated everywhere. On the wedding day, the bride faces the challenge of following many traditions together, while the desire to look traditional is also intense. On the matter of fabric, the bride can also wear the traditional Kanjeevaram kilt and Banarasi brocade work zari saree on the wedding day. Along with this, Rajasthani embroidered costumes are also a great trend nowadays. Apart from these, the bride can also carry white or red colored heavy gowns.

Colors for bridal wear

In this wedding season, old traditional colors are going on for bridal wear, while some new colors have also come in trend. If we talk about bridal clothes, nowadays most of the wedding designers in the country and abroad are preferring colors like Bright Red, Rani Pink and Maroon in their collections. Apart from these, flower-leaf embroidered garments are on-trend in light colours like baby pink, light green, peach, offwhite etc. Along with these colours, golden embroidered zari lehengas or sarees can also be bridal outfits. Today's brides are also opting for pastel shades of lehengas with heavy silk embroidered.

Groom Outfits on Wedding Day

Nowadays, like the bride, the groom prefers to dress in a new way, bypassing the traditional costumes. The groom's clothes remain the same, which are not heavy and fatigue, so comfortable clothes are also taken care of. Embroidered wedding sherwani, dhoti or kurta are in trend. It depends on what kind of dress the groom chooses to wear on the day of the wedding. Some grooms in the country and abroad prefer coat pants.

Now very fashionable kurta-pyjamas/ dhotis have arrived. You can wear them for marriage. If you wear kurta-pyjama/dhoti then you can also keep the tradition from it. However, do not forget a nice Nehru jacket, pocket scarf, turban or groom's cap with it. This will give a great fusion look. Keep in mind that the length of the kurta is neither too long nor too short, that is, the kurta will be perfect for the knee. It can also be color coordinated with shoes and a turban. You can get a great look in pink and off white color coordination. Apart from this, the combination of pink and green will also look good.

The trend of groom's dress colors

It is mostly seen that the groom coordinates with the bride's dress and design. Generally, both the bride and groom prefer to wear the embroidered dress. If the bride is wearing a thick red, pink or golden colored dress, the groom will also use a red-edged brocade in his sherwani. The groom mostly wears bandhgala and turban, which are brightly colored and also in trend. Nowadays grooms prefer crests on the turban.

Nowadays the trend of post-wedding cocktail parties has also started, in which people enjoy dancing very much. This is also an occasion when everyone wants to look beautiful. Today's brides prefer to wear shoulder gowns and open neck embroidery choli for the party. Apart from this, the bride prefers diamond jewellery. The groom and bride both want to wear jewellery that is a fusion of Indian and Western, so that their look also remains fusion. On this occasion, most grooms like to wear jockey pants and colorful suits.

Every new couple aspires for a perfect marriage that has a proper balance of tradition, modernity as well as family culture and traditions, and on the occasion of the wedding both the bride and groom want to be seen in their best attire, hence adding a trend to the tradition is necessary.

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