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Bridal Wear / Couture for a Minimalist Bride

Presenting to you a collection of Bridal Wear like none other. Each piece is unique and 'one of a kind' and no two pieces are ever alike - an intentional practice that is core to my brand values - for each one of us is so unique and different in our own beautiful ways. So why choose standard repeat boring patterns to match others in the first place. Why go for pieces that are mass factory made in the first place. Why be a cliche when you get to be different and when we are inherently so special in our own ways. That is how nature made us. That is what we can imbibe as humans.

I love designing and crafting for 'The One' in front of me and imbibe your personality into the garment that you are going to carry on your special memorable day - your wedding. Or the other way around - the garment that is carrying you. 

We’re a company that believes in pushing boundaries, passionate about shaking up a dated wedding industry with innovative thinking and deeply inspired designs drawn from our love of fashion, art, travel and simplicity. 

We’re a company for wild dreamers who believe no idea is too grand, for the magic seekers who refuse to settle for mediocre, for the optimists who dive in head first. We’re for those romanced by visuals, the written word, deep thought and raw honesty in designs. 

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