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Exploring the Art of Eco Printing

Exploring the Art of Eco Printing

January 19, 2024

Embarking on a journey into the world of eco printing unveils a sustainable and artistic approach to fabric embellishment. The basics of eco printing rooted in nature, involves using plant materials to create intricate designs on fabric begin by selecting organic, untreated fabric for optimal absorption. The process of eco printing on fabric and discovering the rich palette from natural sources like pomegranate, henna and onion brings do this co-printing crafts.

Pomegranate, when it's deep red hues, add a burst of colour to eco printing. The tannins in pomegranate act as a natural mordants, enhancing colour fixation.

Henna elegance, Henna, known for it's use in body art, can also be a captivating addition to eco printing. The dye from henna leaves imparts warm tones, creating a unique fusion of arts and nature's earthy Palette.

Explore the earthy tones of onion skins in eco-printing onion offer a range of colours, from golden yellows to warm browns, providing a natural and rustic feels to your fabric creations. Embrace the beauty of sustainable crafting and let the colours of nature breath life into your fabric creation.

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