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How to Choose the Right Wedding Guest Outfit

July 22, 2021


Weddings are synonymous with traditions, celebrations, rituals, and a good platter! A wedding invitation always brings a smile to the face! With weddings around the corner, the first thing that comes to mind is the chance we get to choose, buy or just simply showcase the hot couture we have – especially the ladies!


In contemporary times like today, when there are e-commerce platforms selling everything starting from a hairpin to the anklet on their respective platforms, all it takes is just a click to get the right wedding guest look! Needless to say, there are so many do-it-yourself tips and suggestions streaming every second of the day on the social media platforms, that one might even question the need for salons and beauty consultants! So, why come to us at Jasmine Bains? Simply, because getting the right look as a guest for a wedding is easier said than done!


Although, today with the concept of Influencers, we get an idea about what looks good and is trending, however, it will not always look good on us!! Had all of us been able to style ourselves perfectly, then we all would have been influencers! That is where one of the best designers in ChandigarhJasmine Bains comes in, as we cater to create customized outfits, style, and look for the wedding day – even as a guest; so that we look the best on the day! Having spent a considerable part of her life in the fashion and styling industry assisting all fashionistas, influencers and fashion novices here are a few things she recommends one needs to consider to choose the right outfit for a wedding, that suits you and highlights your features the most. Thus, Jasmine Bains is your one-stop-shop! 


While choosing the right guest outfit for a wedding we have a lot of choices like - lehengas, shararas, sarees, Anarkali suits, and gowns. And, features of the outfit like the texture of the fabric, length of the outfit, color, type of embroidery, etc, depending on several things!


Jawline and face structure

The face is the palette of the human structure. Wherever we go and whenever we go to an occasion, the first thing people notice is the face. And, the structure of our face is not in our hands as it is a God-given gift. So, instead of changing the natural shape of the face, we can always choose the right outfit to suit our face and jawline. Be it for men or women, not every cut, color, or fabric suits every jawline and face structure. For a round face, different fabrics work like whereas for oval face colors highlight the features. Hence, it is very important to first understand the face type, to get the perfect look.


Body Type

Again, our body is what gives shape to the outfit that we wear. It gives it a definition. Neither all of us are thin, nor are all of us fat. The Indian female body type is essentially voluptuous. Hence, we need to choose outfits that will accentuate the features subtly rather than making them look vulgar. For women who are on the slimmer side can always opt for solid colors off shoulders, or one-shouldered dresses, or fitted A-line dresses – heavily embellished with sequins or Zardausi or plain pastel chiffon colors. The ones who are a little on the fuller side can always opt for straighter voluminous cuts to make their shape slimmer with beautiful necks and avoid off shoulders or one shoulder. Everybody is perfect and pretty in it!


Skin tone

Skin tone plays a major role in selecting the color and fabric for an outfit. The majority of Indian women have a wheatish skin tone. Some might have a little darker wheatish tone. However, whatever the skin tone, it's best left natural. For instance, floral patterned embroidery, and light fabrics like georgette, chiffon, etc. suit the fair wheatish skin tone better. Whereas cotton and silk – in solid colors or pastels, bring out the beauty of the wheatish skin tone. These are just from what has been observed, however, every skin tone is beautiful in itself and one can always choose what one wants to wear. Being a guest you should look the best, and be a stunner! That’s the basic mantra!



Gone are the days when you had to apply, literally plaster your face with kilos of makeup to look fair, even as a guest for a wedding. Whether westerns or Indian, fashion has changed! People are more receptive to the natural skin tone! Yes, one can always highlight the features of light beautiful cheeks, or a nice jawline, full lips, big bold eyes with touch-ups, and proper make up- but nothing heavy. Hence minimalistic makeup is preferred depending on the skin tone and the time of the wedding. Daytime weddings need a nude make-up look and evening weddings to need a drop-dead gorgeous look!



Today, with the Indo-Western fusion outfits taking over, age hardly matters! But still, if you want to look your best, then just consider your age! As much as, one cannot stop aging, hence, rather than defying your age, it is better to accept it gracefully and dress to look elegant or funky – but in a good way! Try a different style, color, fabric of draping, or a different length of the dress as per your age. A cotton saree can be worn in different ways and it looks just as stunning on a 20-year-old as it looks on a 50-year-old! Age is - just a number!



Of course! The color of the outfit is one of the most important decisions to make; depending on what time of the day are you attending the wedding? For daytime weddings, light pastel shades like – Fuschia, peach, vanilla, etc in light flowy fabrics are more preferable. Not only do they make you look pretty but they are breezy and comfortable. For evening weddings solid colors and heavier fabrics work wonders! Also, the right color coupled with your skin tone, face structure, and body type will just make you a head-turner – even as a guest at the wedding!



The right kind of fabric gives you the best look! The flow in material of the fabric determines how comfortable you are in the attire. You can choose the fabric depending on the ethnicity and time of occasion! If you are attending a Bengali or a Kannada Wedding then silk fabric is just the right choice for you – Kanjeevaram, Banarasi, Tassar –take your pick! For a Sikh or Punjabi wedding a nice heavily embellished lehenga, saree, or an Anarkali in light chiffon will give you that perfect look! For a Muslim wedding, you can always go for a nice glazed cotton sharara! 


Wrapping up:


To sum up, the whole discussion, when selecting the outfit as a guest for a wedding, firstly, we need to understand what will look the best on us as per our body, face, and skin, rather than running blindly and following the look of some other celebrity or influencer! Secondly, we need to remember that we are all blessed with beautiful features and our couture should be selected to highlight those features instead of toning them down. Thirdly, we want to look elegant, smart, poised, charming, and pretty instead of tawdry and gaudy!


With a designer like Jasmine Bainsone of the best designers in Chandigarh, why go anywhere else? Why waste time is deciding what to buy and what not to try? Visit our store to check our latest collections. Our collections have been created with the latest trends and the colors of the season; whether fusion or ethnic, no matter what the occasion- we have the perfect outfit in the right color, pattern, design, for every season! Select not just the best outfit to attend a wedding, but also get the customized recommendations for the right accessories and styling to go with it, at an affordable cost! Just call and fix an appointment and leave all your worries on us! 

At Jasmine Bains, we believe in nurturing the beauty in everyone!



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