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Floral Impressions

Floral Impressions

December 15, 2023

''What I have tried to transfer on paper the sensitivity and the implicit romanticism that exists in the silk, which has a lot to do with the territory, the worms, the cocoons, the manual trades'' - Jasmine Bains.

In the serene countryside, where rolling fields meet ancient traditions, lies the heart of mulberry silk production. A shimmering symphony of handwoven fabric from the diligent hands of nature, emerges through a meticulous alchemy of silkworms' delicate artistry, as they spin cocoons cocooned in the nourishing embrace of exclusive mulberry leaves.

Flower dye eco printing is not just a technique, it's an ode to nature's vibrant palette. Using petals, leaves and natural dyes obtained from flowers, I have discovered an eco friendly way to infuse textiles with exquisite colours and patterns, all while reducing the environmental impact of traditional dyeing methods.

This dyeing technique of flowers involves arranging botanical elements on textiles, wrapping them together and employing a process that fuses their pigments onto the material. The results are intricate, one-of-a-kind designs that speak to the artistry of nature itself. 
The fusion of floral eco printing with fashion holds an immense potential. it opens the door for sustainable collections that whispers unique stories and embody a harmonious relationship between fashion and nature. As a designer, I am thrilled to explore the endless possibilities this technique offers and hoping to inspire the fashion enthusiasts to embrace a greener, more artistic approach to style.

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