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This pack of seamless and aesthetically designed scrunchies are handcrafted in 100% mulberry silk.

Balancing Sustainability and Comfort - Silk Accessories

February 09, 2023

As the world becomes more and more focused on sustainability, the question of how to balance sustainability and comfort becomes more important. For many people, sustainable living is about making sacrifices to save the planet. However, sustainable living can also be about finding sustainable products that are also comfortable and luxurious. 

Mulberry silk is one of the most sustainable and comfortable fabrics available. It is made from the cocoons of silkworms, which are a by-product of the silk industry. Mulberry silk is also one of the strongest and most durable silks, making it perfect for a variety of garments and accessories.

Sustainably Stylish - Jasmine Bains' Mulberry Accessories 

Model wearing aesthetically designed scrunchie are handcrafted in 100% mulberry silk.

Mulberry silk is one of the most sustainable yet stylish fabrics that can take good care of your skin and hair. Jasmine's mission is to create beautiful, sustainable products that make a positive impact on the world. She is committed to using eco-friendly materials and producing all of their products in an ethically responsible way.

What's more, Jasmine Bains offers a wide range of Mulberry accessories to choose from. You can choose from the huge variety of Mulberry Scrunchies, Mulberry Headbands, Mulberry Eye Masks, and Mulberry Facemasks. 

Mulberry Silk Accessories - Beneficial for Skin and Hair

This pack of seamless and aesthetically designed scrunchies are handcrafted in 100% mulberry silk.

Mulberry silk is well-known for being a luxurious and high-quality fabric. But did you know that it also has benefits for your skin and hair? That's right - mulberry silk accessories can help to improve the health of your skin and hair.

Mulberry silk is incredibly soft and smooth, which means it won't cause any irritation or damage to your skin. It can help to protect your skin from harmful environmental factors. Silk is also hypoallergenic, so it's perfect for those with sensitive skin.

Not only is mulberry silk good for your skin, but it's also beneficial for your hair. Silk can help to reduce split ends and prevent tangles, making your hair easier to manage. It can also help to keep your hair looking shiny and healthy.

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