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The Green Couture

The Green Couture

August 21, 2023

"Walking in the forest wandering among the trees, stumbling upon eco print as an art form by chance, eco printing happened to me," says Jasmine Bains.

Eco-printing or Eco dyeing is 'printing leaves & flowers onto fabric with help of a mordant.' It is a process of transferring the colours and patterns of plants onto fabrics or paper using heat and pressure. Its a sustainable alternative to traditional dyeing methods. Botanical printing uses the natural pigment found in plants such as leaves, flowers and bark. These pigments are then transferred to the fabric or paper using steaming process. The result is a beautiful 'one of a kind' print that is unique to the plants used.

Wanting to keep a piece of forest in her wardrobe it got her interested in the idea of printing leaves and flowers onto fabrics, especially silk to create leafy patterns and prints. Experimenting different natural dye recipes such as dying with onion, turmeric, beetroot, indigo and other eco friendly inks and dyes and also using sustainable packaging forming her first collection.

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