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Fashion is ever evolving. So be it a Red-Carpet launch or a Sangeet Celebration – Our Custom fitted one-of a –kind ensembles are bound to mesmerize your audience, whoever they may be..

 Trousseau compilation is an extension of our Custom Couture Service and further discusses in detail the theme of events, showcasing all the moods and shades of the client’s personality based on the information gathered in appointments for the series of events in question.

Detailed explanation of the expertise that Jasmine Bains brings to your pre and post wedding plans.

This includes suggesting ideas that build a life style rather than just items.

Jasmine Bains will bring to the table her experience in - Health diets, Skin Care, Home Remedies & suggested products - making you the perfect well rounded bride.

We further emphasize on accessories (shoes, bags, jewellery & make-up) and budgeting making your special occasion comfortable and organized for you to sit back and enjoy.

 Your Silhouettes are your date, your companion, your adrenaline

Dramatic or Subtle - making YOU the highlight of your occasion. 

Book your personalized meeting at contact@jasminebains.in